Fans deserve better!

Yes! We believe so too. That's why we created an awesome program that real fans will be cheering about.


Click on the red tab ("i am :groot:") to see how you can earn and spend your :groot:s!

Earning :groot:s

Earn :groot:s in a variety of ways, including:

- 1 :groot: for every 1 MYR spent (Awarded when the order is paid and shipped).

- 300 :groot:s when you refer a friend (Awarded when he/she makes his/her first purchase. He/she even gets 10% off!).

- And more!

Of course, this excludes coupons used, taxes and shipping.

Checking your :groot:s

Just click on the red tab ("i am :groot:") to keep track of your :groot:s!

Spending :groot:s

You can spend your :groot:s at anytime to claim your Coupons, which are worth between MYR10 to MYR500! As you can expect, :groot: gets stronger as it grows bigger!

Do note that your Coupon needs to be used in full.

Reversal of :groot:s

:groot:s will be reversed if your payment is refunded or voided.