Who says the old puzzle cube went out of fashion? Technological innovations have given birth to a buttery smooth 'Rubric' like cube. Don't believe it? TRY IT!
2 White Pillow
3 White Pillow
4 White Pillow
7 White Pillow
Dinosaurs 2 Pillow
Funky Spirals 3 Flat
Kuala Lumpur 2 Pillow
Kuala Lumpur 3 Pillow
V-Cube 5
V-Cube V-Cube 5 MYR123.00
V-Cube 6
V-Cube V-Cube 6 MYR159.00
V-Cube 9
V-Cube V-Cube 9 MYR383.00
V-Cube Crossword 3 Flat
V-Cube V-Sphere MYR105.00
V-Udoku 3 Flat
Van Gogh 2 Flat