Tired of videogames but don't really want to play boardgames or go outside for sports? What a very specific ailment you might have there but fret not, table soccer is definitely our recommended cure all for such a sickness! Drag your children or colleagues down and show them you can play soccer/football with the likes of Messi (at least on the table).
2016 Team Set Arsenal
2016 Team Set Liverpool
Ball Set
Subbuteo Ball Set MYR27.00
Club Edition Paris Saint German
Club Edition Spain/Brasil
Club Edition Spain/Germany
Fence Set
Subbuteo Fence Set MYR131.00
Figurine Barcelona
Figurine Real Madrid
Referee Set
Shoot & Goal Set
Subbuteo Barcelona Team Bus
Subbuteo Club Set AC Milan
Subbuteo Club Set Barcelona 4th Ed
Subbuteo Club Set Real Madrid 3rd Ed
Subbuteo Club Set World Ed
Subbuteo UCL Premium Pitch
Team Set Barcelona Away
Team Set Barcelona Home
Team Set Chelsea
Team Set England
Team Set Germany
Team Set Holland
Team Set Italy