Metal Earth too easy? Want to build grand architectural or design marvels of the past and present? We got you covered with the ICONX series so you can be just like the very same people who built things that didn't really do much but looks much better than your average house.
IC - Lighthouse of Alexandria
IC - Roman Colosseum
IC - Salt Lake Temple
IC Star Wars Solo Lando Calrissian's Millennium Falcon
Iconx Arc de Triomphe
Iconx Big Ben
Iconx Iconx Big Ben MYR86.00
Iconx Black Pearl
Iconx Burj Al Arab
Iconx Chrysler Building
Iconx Classic Bicycle
Iconx Eiffel Tower
Iconx Empire State Building
Iconx Humvee
Iconx Iconx Humvee MYR86.00
Iconx Kawasaki Ninja
Iconx Leaning Tower of Pisa
Iconx London Eye
Iconx Millennium Falcon
Iconx Notre Dame
Iconx Queen Anne's Revenge
Iconx Saint Basil's Cathedral
Iconx Sears Tower
Iconx Silver Dragon
Iconx Taipei 101
Iconx Taj Mahal